Metabolic Testing by Nutri-Spec

Here you will learn about Nutri-Spec Metabolic Testing and the essential information you need to know before coming for an appointment.

Brief summary about Nutri-Spec

Nutri-Spec is not trying to treat your symptoms. It supports you in finding a greater vitality (or energy) and this then allows for you to more effortlessly adapt to life.

Many people have been struggling with their health for some time.

When the body does not function at its optimal level, this then often becomes more apparent when symptoms start to show – and eventually it may become a disease.

By increasing your vitality, symptoms have a much greater chance to simply drop away.

You don’t even have to be ill or to have any symptoms to benefit from Nutri-Spec. Have you ever experienced what is your best potential?

Nutri-Spec’s method is a direct route by addressing the cause of the problem.

For more information please read What Nutri-Spec Will Do For You or ask me to forward you a copy by email.

Although everyone’s requirements are different, usually it can take up to 12 weeks for your Metabolic Imbalances to improve.

Nutri-Spec Metabolic Testing

1) Initial contact and making the appointment to come and see me

Contact me if you would like me to post these to you. By taking these 2 supplements you will have already started to bring your body into a greater balance.

2) Initial Nutri-Spec Metabolic Testing (90 min – £85)

Essential information you need to be aware of prior to Nutri-Spec Testing:

3) Results session (60 min – £55)

As part of the results session you will receive:

Your investment towards your health

Depending on the Metabolic Imbalances and the severity of the underlying health challenges, there will often be a considerable amount of supplements to take. This also will require a significant investment. It can be that the initial supplement bill is between £150–£250 or above. It varies and I do need to pre-warn people that this could be the case. I only use Nutri-Spec supplements.

Although this might look like a big investment, I can reassure you that you will be taking high quality supplements and only those you will need. Most people endlessly pay for supplements their body does not need and in fact, these can make them feeling worse.

The supplements intake and investment generally go down once the Metabolic Imbalances have been corrected.

4) Follow-up test (90 min – £65)

The follow-up test needs to take place within 3 to 7 days after starting supplements.

With Nutri-Spec you will know what is good for you to eat. Often this gives a great relief and you can stop being confused what is good or not good for you. Giving you both clarity and freeing up your time.

Please do ask me if there is any way I can help you prior to the session.

The testing takes place in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK.