About Julia Scholder

Julia Scholder

My lifelong interest in health and well being has culminated in my work as a Nutri-Spec practitioner. Previously, I worked for nearly 10 years in the NHS as an occupational therapist, specialising in brain injury. I have 4 children and live in Leamington Spa.

Not ill, but yet unhealthy and lacking energy

I have invested a lifelong search for what ultimately creates an energetic life. Although I wasn’t classed as “ill”, I always felt tired. In my pursuit of health I tried many diets, e.g. a vegetarian, anti-candida and in my desperation I even chewed on only raw food (no cooked food) for nearly 10 years.

I found myself to be increasingly replacing my normal food with alien concoctions, such as: “Spirulina smoothies.” My grandmother would have turned in her grave!

I tried to rejuvenate my body and “detox”, well beyond a healthy spring clean. I trained in various complementary therapies and visited many practitioners of different fields. All this was combined with swallowing an ever-changing range of supplements.

A different approach to health

All this did little to improve my health; in fact it deteriorated so much that in my final attempt to find a lasting answer I flew to Chicago. My eyes were opened when I trained in Nutritional Microscopy with Biomedx in the US in 2006.

The teaching brought scientific rigor to the many questions I had. Understanding that “no diet fits all” I trained as a Health Excel Metabolic Typing instructor. I was on the right path, but I wanted to have more concrete measurable answers, rather than the inconsistency of online questionnaires. My advanced training in the US in 2009, also with Biomedx, led me finally to the answer of what ultimately “creates and breaks” our health:

Stop chasing the symptoms – fix the causes.

When the guesswork and confusion was taken out, I finally began to enjoy living life to the full.

Looking back I can now see that I was confused and because of this I swallowed foods and supplements that were a total waste of time and money.

Since 2009 I have been helping others to regain their health and vitality using Nutri-Spec.